FIAT Celebrates Model Bloat With New 500[00]s

We all know that model bloat is a thing, a thing that is exaggerated significantly when two generations of a model skip out on whole decades like the 21st-century "Mini..." and FIAT 500. Even so, it seems strange for a car company to celebrate just how flabby their retro cars are. This is the new 500 Ron Arad Edition,… » 10/01/14 8:56am 10/01/14 8:56am

This is so definitely a thing amongst the lesser informed car fan. I overheard a kid (no older than 10) walking home from school one day with his friends and they went past a Vauxhall Insignia. After pointing it out to his friends, he said "I hate Vauxhalls, because every time somebody asks you what you drive, you… » 9/30/14 4:25pm 9/30/14 4:25pm

In the mid-'90s, when I were a lad, it was this that was on my wall. Low, red, pointy, HUGE rear wing and it's a Ferrari, and that's what Michael Schumacher drives. It ticked all the boxes. It was on Need For Speed II and I used it all the time (well, the Ford GT90 too). » 9/27/14 6:53pm 9/27/14 6:53pm

Would someone PLEASE tell Mazda that the world requires a Mazda 2 MPS/Mazdaspeed? I mean, it's [however loosely] based on the Fiesta FFS. Since the original XR2 there has always been a hot Fiesta. Seeing as people who want Fiestas buy Fiestas and there's no risk of cannibalising it, there is precisely zero reason for… » 9/25/14 2:30pm 9/25/14 2:30pm